48 Kills: Werner Voß

Werner Voss

Werner Voss
Born: 13 April 1897
Krefeld, Germany
KIA 23 September 1917
Near Frezenberg
Rank: Leutnant
Unit: Kasta 20, KG4
Jasta 2
Jasta 14 (acting CO)
Jasta 29 (acting CO)
Jasta 5
Jasta 10 (CO, KIA)

Pour leMérite
Knights Cross of the Order of the House of Hohenzollern
Iron Cross, First Class
Iron Cross, Second Class
Total: 48
Jasta 2 = 28
Jasta 5 = 6
Jasta 29 = 0
Jasta 14 = 0
Jasta 10 = 14

Werner Voß ( also: Voss)

At 48 kills, Werner Voss is ranked fourth among Germany's aces and around 14th among all World War I aces. This in itself is a remarkable feat but when you realize just how short his career was, the remarkable becomes amazing in the annals of aerial combat. Voss achieved his 48 victories in just over ten short months. It took von Richthofen, the Red Baron two years to achieve his 80 victories. At the time of Voss's death, he was just 12 kills short of von Richthofen's record. Von Richthofen had shot down 9 planes before Voss had made a confirmed Kill. In other words Plane for plane, Voss had shot down 48 to von Richthofen's 51 kills during the same time period. This page is dedicated to his amazing exploits. On this page you will find:

Background Information On Werner Voß
Promotions and Commendations
The Aircraft That Voß Flew
Fokker Dreidecker Of Voß
Voß & The Red Baron
The Last Dogfight
Victory Record

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