Albatros DI 410/16

There is some confusion about what Voß' first scout plane looked like. Most sources say it was an Albatros DII but then give the description of a famous Albatros DI. It is believed the serial number was DI or DII 410/16. Most sources claim it to be an Alb DII with a "totenkopf" symbol on the fuselage side and an overall light olive paint scheme. A plane matching this description was flown by the Crown Prince of Prussia whenever he flew with Jasta II. Some people surmise the two men may have shared mounts.

One problem with any theory regarding the plane is this: Sources say that Voß flew a DII and the Corwn Prince was shot down in a DI. This leaves us with at least three theories. Either Voß actually flew a DI and this was confused as a DII or he flew a DII that was painted similarly to the Crown Prince's. Or, Voszlig; flew an entirely dfferent plane that looked nothing like the death plane of the Crown Prince. Currently we only have theories on what his first scout plane looked like.

The photo below is that of the "death plane" of Crown Prince Friedrich Carl of Prussia. The plane has had the serial number removed or overpainted with a light green paint. It is uncertain if the serial number was DI 410/16. The plane may have been assigned to Werner Voß, as it fits the general description of the machine assigned to him when he first arrived at Jasta 2. Prince Carl was not actually assigned to Jasta 2 but liked to go "hunting" with them. He may have borrowed this plane from Voß.

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